Christ’s Films have a long history of collaborating with other societies within the University and beyond. We can offer a complete package to those wishing to work with us: theatre booking, technical support and publicity.

Collaborations are a regular feature of our termcard and are always popular.


How it works…

Christ’s Films will take responsibility for the administration of the movie, which makes collaborating with use very simple.

We split the cost of the licence fee (up to £100) and profits equally with you, ensuring that you benefit from hosting a film with us.

Christ’s Films charges £4 admission to our showing. It is expected that this will be charged at collaborations. If you do not wish to charge admission we can discuss options with you.

Previous Collaborations

In Lent 2015 we collaborated with CULS and introduced ‘Law Soc Films’ to our termcard. This involved showing classic films with a connection to law and the legal world. Our screening of Twelve Angry Men attracted a large audience; being popular with general members as well as CULS members.

We collaborated with the American Football Society in the run up to the Super Bowl 2015. The sports classic Any Given Sunday was screened in the run up to the big day, followed by the traditional party at The Union.


In January 2015 we collaborated with Cambridge Creatives to screen the inspiring independent film ‘Sweet Dreams’ and hosted a question and answer session with its Director, Rob Frutchman, who flew in form New York. This was one of our most successful collaborations, attracting an audience from all over Cambridge.